Perseus et Rex Malus

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Perseus et Rex Malus - a Latin Novella by Andrew Olimpi. Puer ex Seripho volume 1. On the island of Seriphos lives Perseus a twelve-year-old boy living whose world is turned upside down. When the cruel king of the island, Polydectes, is seeking a new bride, he casts his eye upon Perseus’ mother, Danaë. The woman bravely refuses, setting in motion a chain of events that includes a mysterious box, a cave whose walls are covered with strange writing, and a dark family secret. "Perseus et Rex Malus" is the first of a two-part adventure based on the Greek myth of Perseus. Using only 300 unique Latin words, this fantasy novel is of interest to those learning Latin in a classroom setting as well as those learning Latin on their own.

Paperback, 84 pages.