Oh Là Là - Part 1 CD and Teacher's Manual

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SKU: 9780966660623 Madame Fifi Publications

Oh Là Là - Part 1 CD and Teacher's Manual - An irresistible blend of conversational French, catchy melodies, and rockin’ and entertaining productions that will have you humming and singing French long after the album has finished playing. Designed for young adolescents to adults, it is packed with vocabulary and over 850 hip French expressions. Have fun learning as you groove to pop, rock, reggae, rap, blues, techno, and hot international styles. It’s a great album of music to play for enjoyment as well as for learning French.
Me Voici (Here I Am) - Greetings, then instrumental
Tu et Vous
Conjuguez - Conjugation of er, re and ir verbs
La Cour de Louis XIV
Qui a volé le jambon? - Learn names of foods
Monsieur Curieux - Learn question words like Qui?, Quoi faire? - Sports, study and other activities
On y va! - The verb aller
Tout le monde s’amuse à Paris - The sights of Paris
Le soleil sourit à tous - Learn new adjectives
Le Blues du négatif
Moi, je fais ma valise rose - Plurals of personal pronouns, Interviewer Napoléon and Savoir et connaître
116 page teacher's manual offers over 500 multidimensional strategies - Buy with the CD and save.