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Nuevo Latino CD - Putumayo brings us innovative Latin music by exciting new artists from Latin America and beyond. In the 1990s, the term 'Nuevo Latino' was coined to describe a new type of cuisine that blends ingredients from Latin America, Europe and the U.S. to create an exciting and original fusion. A similar blend has occurred in the music world. Young artists from the Americas and beyond have used a stock of Latin rhythms, portions of alternative rock, reggae and electronica, spiced with local languages, rhythms and instruments to create a flavorful musical stew.
In this new Latin music, hints of Cuban son, Brazilian bossa nova, Argentinean tango, Colombian cumbia can be heard alongside touches of contemporary blues, loungy surf music, ragamuffin, trip-hop and hip-hop. The mélange reflects the multicultural influences guiding a new generation of musicians.
The artists and songs are:

Raul Paz - Mulata
Los de Abajo - El Indio
Federico Aubele - Postales
Jarabe De Palo - El Lado Oscuro
Mosquitos - Rainsong
Kad Achouri - Mi Negra
Sergent Garcia - Mi Ultima Voluntad
Acida - Presente Permanente
Javier Alvarez - Por Qué Te Vas
Aterciopelados - Mañana
Kana - Original