Newspaper Editor

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Newspaper Editor - Ages 14 - Adult. This ESL program is an exciting simulation, which puts groups of users in the shoes of the editing team of a daily newspaper, which must get an edition of the newspaper out onto the street within a strict deadline or risk losing their jobs. It is designed for intermediate to advanced ESL students. Everything that happens in a real newspaper office is simulated here. The editing team are presented with a list of up to eighty stories, from which they must choose as many as they wish to cover, must edit them and fit them onto the newspaper page in the appropriate section. The team must deal with 'news flashes' as they come in! There is a library mode, in which students can study the texts with the aid of reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary tests, and a feature which enables classes or schools to produce their own newspapers.

Newspaper Editor requires: PC; Pentium 90+; Windows; CD-ROM drive; 10MB free hard drive space; High color display.