HSK 2 - My Summer in China

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My Summer in China by Wong Hocheng and Micol Biondi. HSK 2.

Xinxin is a Chinese girl who lives in Italy. When school finishes for the summer holidays, she travels to Shanghai to spend the holidays with her paternal grandparents. Divided by two cultures, every day Xinxin observes, listens, tastes and explores a world that she only partly understands.

An unforgettable summer in China will let Xinxin rediscover and be amazed by her country of origin.

In this reader you will find:

- Grammar structures and vocabulary in accordance with the HSK2 standard;

- Glossary with pronunciation and translation;

- Text without Pinyin to promote authentic reading;

- Comprehension and grammar revision activities;

- Fact-files with further information about Chinese culture;

- Audio CD with the complete reading of the text, available in two speeds.