Level 4 - My name is ça depend

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My name is ça depend by ActionAid International Italia and Illustrated by Matteo Piana. Join Ça Depend, a young boy from the Congo. Discover his country, in the heart of Africa, and the reality around him. Follow his daily journey between his family, friends and school as he tells us his dreams for a his future life.Ça Depend lives in the Congo. He's a happy children who loves going to school. What about you? How is your life different from his? How is it the same? This reader includes activities, a picture dictionary as well as downloadable audio and video files. Level 4 in the series with 400 headwords.

Vocabulary areas

Nature, food, animals, family, school Grammar and syllabus

Present simple passive, Past simple (regular and irregular verbs), Past continuous, Present perfect simple

If and when clauses (in Zero conditionals), Will for future, 
Superlative adjectives, Adverbs of frequency, Be made of/from

In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary

Valuing other cultures | Friendship | Citizenship | Story telling

CEFR Level: A2

Theme: Family