My First Greek CD-ROM

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My First Greek CD-ROM - Age 4-10. An interactive CD-ROM with animation, Greek voices and music, published in Greece. It includes the Greek alphabet, First Readings, Greek Grammar, Let's Play Maths and English-Greek and Greek-English vocabulary list. The grammar covers declension of nouns, declension and comparative forms of adjectives and tenses of verbs both active and passive. The math offers 18 types of exercises covering preschool and early elementary school Math using numbers up to 20 and addition and subtraction (in Greek or English).

My First Greek CD-ROM requires for PC: PC; Windows 3.1 or 95; 486SX25+; 4MB RAM (Recomm. 8MB); SVGA 256 color display; 2X CD-ROM drive; 16 bit Sound card; Mouse; Speakers or headphones; Microphone. Macintosh requires: System 7+; 3MB RAM (Recomm. 8MB); 14' color monitor with 256 colors; 2X CD-ROM drive; Mouse.