Music that Teaches French - CD and Manual

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Music that Teaches French - CD and Manual - Original songs for Level 1 French curriculum with a CD and teacher's guide. This great CD and Teacher's guide features core vocabulary and structures from Level 1 French curriculum by means of lively, catchy original tunes and clever, yet simple lyrics. The 15 songs have proven popular for students of all ages. The book includes musical notation for piano and guitar, French lyrics with English translations, target vocabulary and structures highlighted and explained, games and creative ideas, flash cards, game boards and illustrated song sheets for creating individual student songbooks. All pages are fully reproducible.

Teacher's Guide
Songs, Games and Activities, Templates and Flashcards

    • Salut, Bonjour à Tous Mes Amis (Greetings)
    • Comment t'appelles tu? (Introductions)
    • A B C Comme un Carnet (Alphabet)
    • En Classe (Classroom Objects)
    • Ça Me Gratte (Body Parts)
    • Que Vas-tu Mettre Aujourd'hui? (Clothing)
    • Quel Temps Falt-il Aujourd'hui? (Weather)
    • Un Oiseau de Vives Couleurs (Prepositions)
    • Passe-moi le Sel, s'il te Plait (Family members, courtesy, food, table settings)
    • A Paris (Rooms, furniture, French cities, and provinces)
    • Tic Toc (Daily routine, telling time, verbs)
    • Le Jus de Pomme (Food and drink, "Je (ne) veux...")
    • Deux Éléphants (Leisure activities, question phrases)
    • Chère Sophie (Personal hygiene, reflexive commands)
    • Je Veux Voir le Monde en mon Beau Camion Bleu (Transportation, adjectives) Guide to Activity Guide Templates and Flashcards