Multicultural Spanish Dictionary

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SKU: 978-1887563451 Schreiber,Shengold Publishing

Multicultural Spanish Dictionary - How everyday Spanish differs from country to country in this multicultural dictionary. A grapefruit in Guatemala is una toronja. In Argentina, it is un pomelo. A waiter in Mexico is un mesero; in Uruguay, un mozo. In Spain, eyeglasses are gafas; in Cuba, espejuelos. This dictionary tells you what all the others don't. It guides you through the many variations of Spanish and helps you identify and use everday Spanish like a native. Paperback, 251 pages.

Here is what Spanish linguists have to say about this dictionary:
'As irrational as life itself, Spanish is not cast in stone. Rather, it is an ongoing activity nurtured by dynamic expressions of everday people in the city and country.'
- Carolina Valencia, Colombia

'It is often said that the language of a country is made up of the words used in everyday speech, rather than the ones that appear in the dictionary. This could not be truer in Costa Rica, where everday speech has changed due to recent events...'
- Arne Myne, Costa Rica