HSK 3-4 - Mulan Brave Young Woman

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Mulan Brave Young Woman by Margherita Stecca and Yang Yu. HSK 3-4 - 800 keywords.

Many people will know the legend of Mulan, a young girl who dresses up as a male soldier and goes to fight in a long war in place of her old, sick father. After ten years of fighting courageously, she returns home to her family with one great desire: peace between the kingdoms that existed in China in that period of time. In this book we discover how brave and determined Mulan is, but also that she is a vulnerable young girl with dreams, just like many young girls today.

The book offers:
• Grammatical structures and vocabulary according to HSK3/4 standards;
• Glossary with pronunciation and translation;
• No pinyin in text to encourage the habit of reading authentic material;
• Activities at the end of each chapter;
• Complete glossary at the end in alphabetical order

• Paperback, 64 pages with a downloadable audio recording of the whole book