More Music that Teaches Spanish CD and Manual

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More Music that Teaches Spanish CD and Manual - 14 songs for students in 2nd to 9th grade. More delightful, original songs in Spanish that highlight vocabulary and structures which are generally taught at beginning and intermediate levels, followed by game and activity pages and vocabulary card masters. All pages are fully reproducible.

Table of Contents:

    1. Voy al centro (buildings and the city)

    1. Mi libro perdido (rooms in the home)

    1. Las siete iguanas (descriptive adjectives)

    1. El rancho de Pancho (farm animals)

    1. Soy un pajarito (prepositions)

    1. Derecha, izquierda y alrededor (directions)

    1. Quiero viajar en un coche azul (transportation and adjective gender agreement)

    1. Cáscara de coco, jugo de piña (sea animals)

    1. ¡Vamos a cantar! (Yo canto, tú cantas) (verb conjugation: 1st & 2nd person singular)

    1. Yo prefiero México (topographical terms)

    1. Leonor, mi amor, por favor (personal hygiene, reflexive commands)

    1. Dos elefantes (leisure-time activities)

    1. O águila, escúchame (nature, countryside)

    1. Hay que ir al zoológico (zoo animals)