Mongolian-English and English-Mongolian Dictionary

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Mongolian-English and English-Mongolian Dictionary by Aariimaa Baasanjav Marder. A 2,000-word Mongolian - English and English-Mongolian bilingual dictionary offers essential vocabulary. This practical and concise language guide allows one to navigate with ease and confidence through what might otherwise prove to be a daunting linguistic and cultural experience. Mongolian vocabulary and phrases are given in both the Roman alphabet and the Mongolian Cyrillic script. An introduction to the language and grammar gives clear, non-technical explanations with examples of usage, providing an excellent introduction to the Mongolian alphabet and sound system. The extensive phrasebook contains twelve topical chapters dealing with real life situations that a traveler may encounter: at a hotel, at the marketplace, food and drink, entertainment, traveling within Mongolia, etc. Helpful hints regarding Mongolian national traditions and lifestyle complete this unique guide.
Paperback - 259 pages. 3,500 entries
Publication Date: 3/2003