Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 3B

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Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 3B

La France

    • "Qui a eu cette idée folle ... ?" (système scolaire français)
    • La vie à vélo (le Tour de France)

What are the differences and similarities between schools in France and our schools? Schedules? Subjects taught? Grading? Compare! A poem, Jacques PrévertÂ’s Page d’Écriture and a traditional song, Sacré Charlemagne give the students varied subject materials to work with.

The Tour de France is the most famous cycling race in the world. For a few years it was dominated by Lance Armstrong. How does an athlete prepare for this race? And what about all the talk of drugs? Do they or donÂ’t they take drugs? Is that the only way you can win? And if so, what does that mean for all sports?

Subject matter: French schooling, sports training
Vocabulary: verbs of movement, sporting equipment, objects used in daily life
Grammar: reflexive and pronominal verbs
Oral practice: an in-class survey, game: "Le Tour de France"
Homework: my favourite sport; a very different day
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search

20 pages, Paperback.