Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 3A

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Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 3A

La France

  • "J'ai un beau château" (châteaux de la Loire)
  • Il était une fois un ballon (vol d'une mongolfière)

Why were the Châteaux de la Loire built? Who lived there? What was it like to live in the Loire Valley in the Middle Ages? Practice the imperfect of avoirand être in the context of living in a castle. Because different students have different interests, we have included a discussion on the reality based games and for others, the song Ah! Mon beau château.

This unit starts with the invention of the hot air balloon and takes the student all the way to traveling into space. It includes air travel past and present. As always content based materials, make the students think about problems and problem solving. Here the students have to deal with animal rights. Is it right or wrong to send animals into space or use them for laboratory experiments?

Subject matter: Loire valley château; science
Vocabulary: buildings, transport
Grammar: imperfect
Oral practice: games based on Middle Ages; animals in scientific experiments
Homework: description of a place; an amazing event
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search