Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 1D

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Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 1D

La Belgique, La Suisse, Monaco

    • Le chocolat belge

    • Les montres suisses

  • Le Palais de Monaco

Small countries, big histories. The Grimaldi Palace is a wonderful way to practice the rooms in the house and proves the strength of content based learning! So much better than a pretend house! Students compare their homes to a grand palatial residence.

Switzerland is the land of watches. This unit allows you to review numbers both to tell time and to introduce or review the European currency, the euro.

We always teach the vocabulary of food. Let’s start with chocolates. So delicious! So Belgian!

Subject matter: introduces three countries through chocolates, watches, palace
Vocabulary: foods; days of the week; languages spoken; vocabulary of the house
Grammar: beaucoup and un peu; ouvrir, fermer and pouvoir; articles
Oral practice: ordering a meal; school week (comparison); Grimaldi palace
Homework: foods; shopping; home
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search

Paperback, 20 pages.