Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 1C

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Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 1C

  • Napoléon
  • Molière
  • Astérix

What a funny combination: Napoléon, Molière and Astérix! Introduce your students to these three icons of French culture in your first year French class. Napoléon serves as a wonderful introduction to the vocabulary of the family because it combines the family with the historic reality. The unit on Molière, who is usually taught at a more advanced level where there are a lot fewer students, permits your students to do easy comparisons between school plays and Molière’s works. Finally, Astérix introduces a cartoon character who is emblematic of the French speaking world.

Subject matter: introduces people and cartoon character
Vocabulary: members of the family; European countries; basic vocabulary of the theater and cartoon
Grammar: possessive adjectives; avoir; comment and où; interrogative pronouns
Oral practice: Napoleon's family; my family; theater and plays at my school
Homework: genealogical tree; a play; a cartoon
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search

20 pages, Paperback.