Miraflores Teacher Resource Materials - Parcours 1A

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Miraflores Parcours 1A - Le français en Europe et en Amérique. These French enrichment materials are used with a middle or high school textbook to give students the opportunity to deal with cultural material. The subject matter is varied and has been selected to spark the interest of adolescents. For example, there are texts about tourism, science, history, ecology, sports and music. Many texts integrate skills such as math or science. 20 pages, Paperback.

Maps! Maps! Maps! All with basic information! Make those grey cells work! Some countries are large both in size and population; others are small in size but large in population. Get to know the different parts of the world where French is spoken. Maps are easy to photocopy and easy to understand! Maps included: Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Haiti, the French overseas departments, France, Québec and more.

Subject matter: geography of French speaking world
Vocabulary: countries, languages, nationalities, numbers (1-10)
Grammar: être; appeler, parler, articles
Oral practice: map work
Homework: map work
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search