Mighty Mini-Plays for the French Classroom

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Mighty Mini-Plays for the French Classroom - 12 short and humorous plays in French for students to enjoy and even perform. 12 short and humorous plays for intermediate level middle and high school students. The performance time for each play is about 15 minutes. There are roles for 3-8 students per play. There are stage directions and production ideas, suggested variations and minimal sets, props and costumes for ease of production.

Cas d'urgence dans la classe de français
Le livre perdu
L'animal parfait
Les malheurs du jour du mariage
Arnaud amoureux
Les vêtements universels
"Faisons la cuisine avec Charles et Céline"
Un après-midi avec trois amis
Le restaurant "L' Omelette Extraordinaire"
Les tâches domestiques


School vocabulary and situations
Weather phenomenon
Rooms, furniture, prepositions, commands
Nature, present tense regular verb conjugations
Pets, "tener" expressions
City terms, telling time, directions
Body parts, foods
Clothing, shopping
Fruits, number/gender agreement of adjectives
Adverbs and adjectives, comparatives
Breakfast foods, eating in a restaurant
Household chores