MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones Curriculum


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CreaMARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones Curriculum - 25 interactive, Multiple Intelligences based lessons to take you through an entire year of learning with your young learners. Aimed at PK-4th grade, the MARACAS curriculum is unique in its flexibility and its connection to content. Authored by Amanda Seewald M.Ed.

The curriculum includes:

    • easy to follow engaging lesson plans
    • authentic reproducible artwork and activity templates
    • national language and content area standards alignment
    • assessment guide with reproducibles
    • children’s literature resource guide
  • home connection pages to bridge and bolster the learning

MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones is a full year elementary Spanish language curriculum designed to bring an innovative, interactive language learning experience to your school or classroom. This comprehensive curriculum includes 25 easy-to-follow interactive lessons, child-friendly reproducible artwork and activity templates, reproducible student response books, home connection pages, national language and content standards alignment, and online supplemental materials. Using a Multiple Intelligences approach, students are immersed in Spanish through exploratory learning, music, interactive play, literature and crafts. Experiencing the sounds and rhythms of Spanish in a fun and exciting way brings learning to life and can create a love of learning language that can last a lifetime.

MARACAS has provided engaging language learning for hundreds of students since 2002. In order to meet the growing demand for this innovative program, the MARACAS program curriculum and accompanying songs has become available for teachers, home-based learners and students to utilize in and beyond the classroom as a primary language learning tool, or as a supplemental tool to an existing program.

Paperback, 212 pages. Also included is the MARACAS CD - 22 original, thematic Spanish songs that preschool and elementary age children will love!

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