Maracas Las Ciencias Curriculum

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Maracas Las Ciencias Curriculum - Tying your instruction to real science exploration and learning can create great enthusiasm from your students and their parents, colleagues, and administrators. Las Ciencias gives you two units of science lessons packed with activities and experiments for the Spanish classroom as well as a third bonus unit framework. Each lesson and activity is designed to reach all kinds of learners and can be adjusted easily to meet many levels of learners. The student materials are reproducible to meet your classroom needs. Your students will learn science based on national standards while learning Spanish with this fun, interactive program.

The curriculum includes:

• 15 Multiple Intelligences Based Lessons exploring many aspects of science

• Introduction with research base and discussion of content based instruction for advocacy

• Scaffolded suggestions for many different age groups

• Connected to elementary science standards

• Inquiry based activities that encourage language growth and use • Reproducible activity materials, student response books, and artwork

• Online links to resources and videos to augment learning

• On-line author support

• Upcoming release of MARACAS Las Ciencias music CD

Paperback, 132 pages.