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Maracas CD - Whether or not you are an educator, parent or student - experiencing the sounds and rhythms of Spanish in a fun and exciting way brings Spanish learning to life. Music is an essential component of the MARACAS program's Multiple Intelligences approach - where students are immersed in Spanish through exploratory learning, music, interactive play, literature and crafts.
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The CD can be used on its alone and includes the following songs:

1. Hola
2. Las Cuatro Estaciones
3. Yo Soy una hoja
4. Me Gusta Aprender
5. ¿Quién soy yo?
6. La Arañita Pequeñita
7. Yo Doy las Gracias (giving thanks for the things we have in our lives)
8. En el Invierno
9. Invierno es...
10. Celebramos con Luz (no matter what we celebrate, there are common threads and themes that bind us)
11. Amistad (about friendship and caring for others, no matter how we are different)
12. Un Beso un Abrazo
13. Primavera
14. De Colores
15. Creciendo una Flor
16. La Lluvia
17. La Tierra (about protecting and conserving the Earth and its resources)
18. VE-RA-NO
19. A Mí­ me Gustan los Animales
20. Debajo del Mar
21. Estira al Sol
22. Adiós