Manolito Gafotas

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Manolito Gafotas by Elvira Lindo. "Nobody knows me as Manolito Garcí­a Moreno, not even Big Ears López, and he's my best friend; even though sometimes he can be a dog and a traitor (and other times, a dog traitor), he's still my best friend and he's a whole lotta cool. In Carabanchel-that's the name of my neighborhood in Madrid, in case I haven't told you-everyone knows me as Manolito Four-Eyes."

"Don't try to be different," says Manolito's mother. But he can't help it-he doesn't have to try. Whether he's fighting over the One-and-Only Susana; trying not to fight with Ozzy the Bully; telling his entire life story to the school psychologist; or discovering the true meaning of World Peace-ten-year-old Manolito is a real original. As he'd say, in the worldwide world, there's nobody like him!

Paperback, 188 pages.

Manolito Gafotas es un niño de Carabanchel que observa el mundo desde su barrio y cuenta todo lo que ve con las palabras que atrapa de los mayores, de las peliculas y de la televisión. Con su abuelo Nicolas, su hermanito el Imbecil, sus amigos Orejones Lopez, Yihad y Susana, Manolito Gafotas es capaz de vivir los hechos cotidianos como aventuras estupendas: leyendolas se comprende que la infancia es el mejor momento de la vida.