Mandarin Ab Initio - Speaking and Writing

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Mandarin Ab Initio - Speaking and Writing

The book is compiled according to the latest syllabus. Its content is closely connected with the course guideline of IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio courses, including a thorough list of assessing form, grading standard and assessing procedure in speaking and writing. This book covers five topics, which are identity, experience, invention, social organization and shared earth. Each topic will provide model essays concerning individual oral expression (speaking) and writing skills (writing) and concentrates on interpreting the demands on speaking and writing in course guideline of IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio courses. Concerning the oral expression, this book gives useful guidance for different occasions, such as how to depict a picture, express one’s own opinion on a topic, connect individual ideas with Chinese culture and discussing in depth about the theme of a picture and the five specified themes. Concerning the writing expression, this book will guide the students to improve their writing ability by introducing related knowledge, such as writing style and form, understanding of the themes, key words related to the themes and connection with Chinese culture.

The series includes IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio Listening and Reading and IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio Speaking and Writing. They are tailored for those who are taking the IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio courses at the elementary level and those taking international Chinese courses such as the IGCSE Chinese as a Foreign Language .

Paperback, 170 pages.