Malen, Schreiben und Spielen

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


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Malen, Schreiben und Spielen - Ages 4 - 7. We have the German version of the creative program Paint, Write and Play that sparks creativity while encouraging young students to develop vocabulary and basic writing skills. Offering spoken help for emerging readers, along with delightful animations and silly sound effects, this program engages young children in writing simple stories and painting colorful pictures. Multisensory environments from 10 countries stretch imaginations and build vocabulary.

Malen, Schreiben und Spielen Hybrid CD-ROM requires 8MB RAM; 2X 2XCD-ROM drive; 256 color display; Mouse. For PC: 486DX/33+; Windows 3.1, 95 or 98; Sound card. Macintosh requires: 68030/33+; 13? monitor; System 7.0.1+.