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PLOL (Laughing out Loud) 2008 award winning French film directed by Lisa Azuelos. Nice comedy about French teens. Different from to "Entre les Murs" (The Class), this film is about the lives of well-off teenagers. Lol (Lola, 15) cant wait to see all her friends on the first day back in middle school. Especially Arthur. But when he tells her he had sex with another girl over the summer as a test she is so hurt that she tells him she did, too. Of course he calls her a slut. In a world of I-pods, body piercing, thongs, cell phones, grass, music and booze, Lol and her friends feel their way through tenth grade, speaking a language peppered with text message shortcuts and dodging their often divorced and largely overwhelmed parents. Lols mom, Anne, after an affair with her ex-husband is being courted by a police detective. When she accidentally reads her teenage daughter's journal, she realizes just how wide the communications gap has grown. Stars Sophie Marceau, Christa Theret, Jérémy Kapone and Marion Chabassol. Rated PG-13, no subtitles, 103 minutes.