Live Action Spanish Interactive CD-ROM

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Live Action Spanish Interactive CD-ROM - TPR on a computer! The first Spanish Total Physical Response computer program ever. Includes the classic TPR text - Viva la acción!: Live Action Spanish.

Ages 12 - Adult. This is a program for high beginning and intermediate level students with innovative TPR exercises. It offers a wide range of engaging topics, video and high quality photos and has 7 screens in each of 12 units. Watch the video or the animated photos, listen to the sound and get immersed in the topic. Listen to a sentence and match it to a picture from the sequence. Listen to a command and interact with the screen to make things happen. Watch the sentence and read along, or click on a sentence to hear it and see the corresponding action. Drag sentences into the correct order. Learn the 4 most common verb tenses and practice with exercises. There is also dictation and an easy-to-use printable scorecard for every student.

10 user license - $444.00
15 user license - $664.00
20 user license - $884.00
25 user license - $1100.00
30 user license - $1300.00

Live Action Spanish Hybrid CD-ROM requires: 150+ Mhz; 10MB RAM; QuickTime 3.0+,CD-ROM drive; Thousands of colors; No hard drive space required. PC requires Win95/98/NT/200/ME/XP. Macintosh - OS 7.5+, OS 9.