Lisa と にほん の がっこう: or リサと日本の学校:カタカナ・漢字 エディション: Lisa and the Japanese School


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Lisa と にほん の がっこう: or  リサと日本の学校:カタカナ・漢字 エディション: 

Lisa and the Japanese School by Matthew Russell and illustrated by Lisa Russell. 2 editions - English and Hiragana or Katakana/Kanji Edition

Lisa follows her love of anime to Japan.  On her first day of school she learns about Japan and hopes to make a friend.  Will she live happily ever after in Japan?  Will she run away to Canada to get away from her embarrassing mother?

Key Features for learners

  • Only approximately 75 unique words(not including particles, multiple conjugations, or English words)
  • Glossary included at the end of each chapter
    • Glossary includes every conjugation of the word used in the corresponding chapter.
  • Spreads out introduction of new words throughout the book.
  • Short chapters allow for manageable reading chunks as well as a sense of accomplishment.
  • Uses English instead of Katakana (only for words based on English) to allow beginners to focus on hiragana and enjoyment of reading.
  • One edition - Hiragana / English and the other uses Katakana/Kanji