Lingo Tech 2 Concert CD

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Lingo Tech 2 Concert CD - A great follow up to Uwe Kind's first CD - Lingo Tech, with more fun songs for learning German.

1. Du bist eine Nummer
When it sounds bad in English, say it in German! This song teaches the latest “Schimpfwörter” like “Quatschkopf,”, “Jodeltarzan”, ” Schockmeise”, “Kirchenmaus“ and more. Students love this mad song.

2. Halt mich, küss mich
Back to the 70’s, this cool disco song is about flirting, expressing feelings and sweet nothings. Teaches German 1 and 2 students objective pronouns, commands and absolutely necessary idiomatic expressions.

3. Siggi Sagt
Want to tell someone how certain things are done? Well, then this is the right song. “Erst wird das so gemacht.” Song teaches the passive voice, adverbs, verb conjugation, prepositions and useful expressions. Great for role playing at all levels of German. (Siggi comes to the rescue of a bad trumpeter, a desperate biker, a confused “Tussie” and a nervous opera singer).

4. Der Wolfi ist ein Witzbold
Your students will love this one! This song is about Wolfi, a true “Witzbold” and trouble maker with green hair, tattoos and weird habits. “Wer hat grüne Haare? Wer ist tätowiert? Wer? Wer? Er, er, er.”
A provovatative song, but your German 1 and 2 students will love it. Song teaches verb conjugations, prepositions and lots of colorful verbs.

5. Ich weiß, was ich will
(Punchy new remix)
Already featured on LingoTech1, this super cool remix by Mark Schaffel is special bonus for all LingoTech fans. Song teaches “der, die, das” in the nominative and accusative case, prepositions and tells you all about the wishes and dreams of an aspiring rock star.