Lingo Tech 1 Concert CD

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SKU: B01G4DKALA Uwe Kind

Lingo Tech 1 Concert CD - Rap music and songs that teach German - by Uwe Kind. Includes the lyrics.

1. Ich Bin Cool - Takes the teacher and students through the song text and dance steps and then combines them to reinforce basic vocabulary and conversational German phrases with music and movement. Other exercises include several pictographs for creating more language and dialogue.

2. Das Auto ist kaputt - The story line includes a suave young man who discovers that all is not fair in the world of love and cars, and a lovely, yet demanding young woman who, when asked by a gentleman to go for a drive in the romantic moonlight, expects the car to work.

3. Dr. Der - (Or how to learn der words and when to use the den form.) This LingoRap tune tells the story about Dr. Der who traveled ?round the world with lots of flair!

4. Ich weiß,was ich will. Helps the students use der, die and das in the nominative and accusative case.

5. Wo ist Mutti?

6. Diedie - This is about Franz who has been shipwrecked on a deserted island for four years and finds a Coca Cola bottle containing the the genie Diedie. Franz wants to go home and Diedie wants to escape from the bottle. Learn lots of Die words as Diedie and Franz tell their story.

7. Wie ist das Wetter (Eine kleine Deutschmusik)

8. Mein Lieblingsfach (Deutschvergnügen)