Level 2 - Marie-Antoinette et le collier de la mort

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Marie-Antoinette et le collier de la mort by Diane Touchet. Level 2. 225 words written in the past tense.

In 1772, France’s King Louis XV commissions Parisian jewelers, Messieurs Bassange and Boehmer, to create a diamond necklace. The king dies before he pays for the elaborate multi-million-dollar piece, leaving the jewelers strapped for cash and struggling to find a buyer. Convinced by a friend to win back the favor of the queen, Marie Antoinette, Cardinal de Rohan steps up to buy it on her behalf. After a 13-year search, the desperate jewelers think their problem is finally solved… until they find themselves at the center of a scandal that will change the course of history. This tale of greed, deception and fraud is based on the true story of Marie-Antoinette and the famous necklace scandal.