Les Ripoux and Ripoux Contre Ripoux

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Les Ripoux and Ripoux Contre Ripoux - Re-released on DVD, see the first film with the hilarious duo of Philippe Noiret and Thierry L'hermitte - the most mismatched pair of cops - and the first sequel boxed together in this 2 DVD set. 1984 film directed by Claude Zidi. Rene (P. Noiret) is a 'ripou', a rotten cop who makes ends meet by accepting bribes, presents and free drinks from the people he should be putting in jail. When his partner retires, he must team up with François (L'hermitte), a young police school graduate with a righteous attitude. He is hard to break and Rene has to trick him. He introduces Francois to a charming girl and forgets to mention she's a prostitute. Now Rene has something against Francois he can use in case his partner should want to reveal Rene's little commerce with the underworld. The partners ultimately become friends, get one another out of a tough situation, and manage to gather enough money to buy Rene his lifelong dream : a small café near the horse tracks. This light comedy does not pretend to be a realistic picture of French police. Rather, it is the opportunity to have fun and discover unusual underworld characters. A forte is the way Paris is filmed : the opposite of a postcard. The action takes place in popular areas rarely used in film, shown as they are, with no embellishments. Rated R, 107 minutes.

Ripoux contre Ripoux - 1990 film directed by Claude Zidi. The partners are back and are in a tight spot! Francois is going through a moral crisis, and Rene is experiencing the same. But, honesty is not always the best policy. After being suspended for their actions, they return to face their far more crooked replacements. Unrated, 107 minutes.
No subtitles.