Learn Italian with el figlio di Asterix

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Learn Italian with el figlio di Asterix - Ages 10 - Adult. This interactive Italian software lets you listen to an introduction to the story, interview Asterix or Obelix, read or listen to the story straight through - or with a translation and with teacher's notes. Limited quantities left! The cartoon story of Asterix is brought to life. Discover who the characters are in this story. Interview Asterix and Obelix (his sidekick). Read the comic strip, listen to the story, or read and listen to the story with translations available and even grammatical explanations. Go into the studio, choose a character, record your voice saying his (or her) lines and then go into the theater. Watch the story unfold with your voice replacing that character. Finally, test your comprehension by choosing the right box for the missing line. The vocabulary assumes some knowledge of the language and would be difficult for a beginning student. The story is divided into two CD-ROMs.

Learn Italian with Asterix Hybrid CD-ROM requires 8MB RAM; 256 color display CD-ROM drive; Mouse. PC: 486+; Windows (all); Sound card. Macintosh: 68030 or PowerPC.