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Le Havre DVD - 2011 French film directed by Aki Kaurismäki. A dock worker in Le Havre hears a human sound inside one of the containers in port, that container which left Gabon three weeks ago and which was supposed to arrive in London five days after its departure from Gabon, which didn't happen. The Le Havre police and French border guards find a still alive group of illegal African immigrants inside. On the sign from one of his elders, a young teen boy among the illegal immigrants manages to escape, news of which hits the local media. The first friendly face that boy, Idrissa, encounters is that of former artist now aged shoeshine Marcel Marx. Marcel decides to help Idrissa by hiding him in his house, news which slowly trickles through his community of friends - most of whom he associates with at his local bar - and neighbors, most who assist Marcel in this task. Marcel goes to great lengths to find out Idrissa's story, which leads to Marcel's further task of trying to get Idrissa to London, his original end destination. The one neighbor who... Stars Blondin Miguel and André Wilms. 2 discs, 93 minutes, unrated.

This criterion collection edition has on disc one - new high-def edition and disc two - new interview with André Wilms, footage from the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, including a press conference and a French television interview with cast and crew, Finnish television interview with acress Kati Outinen and concert footage of Little Bob, the musician featured in the film. It also includes a booklet featuring an essay by film critic Michael Sicinski and a 2011 conversation between Kaurismäki and film historian Peter von Bagh.