Language Learning Arabic Deluxe

Arabic Software


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Language Learning Arabic Deluxe - This double set of Arabic software includes the hybrid CD-ROM: Language Learning Arabic - The Read and Write Way as well as an audio CD - the 'On the Go' way. Language Learning Arabic CD-ROM: This CD-ROM is designed to suit both the serious students and more casual readers of Arabic. In this self-paced, self-taught CBT (Computer-Based Training) system you will learn to read and write Arabic script and to speak Arabic phrases, sentences and frequently used expressions. Hypertext makes this CD-ROM easy to use - simply move the mouse on each page, follow the explanation on the note panel and click on the subject. It includes: a step-by-step guide to master Arabic letters and sounds, an easy and accessible approach to learning and listening to Arabic words and expressions, animation hints for authentic handwriting skills, a vocabulary builder for building up your Arabic vocabulary, a progress report system for exercises, practical topics from real-life situations.

Language Learning Arabic Audio CD: This learning Arabic audio CD lets you learn frequently used phrases and expressions of Arabic. Just listen and repeat with the native speakers. This audio CD is also a companion audio CD to the Language Learning Arabic interactive CD-ROM, which means you can use this audio CD as a standalone CD to study Arabic, or you can also use this audio CD to refresh what you learned after using the CD-ROM.

Language Learning requires for PC: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP or NT version 4.0, Windows 2000 or later; 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended), a color monitor and a CD-ROM drive. For the Macintosh: A Power Macintosh running System 7.5 or later; a color monitor; and a CD-ROM drive.