Kouri Vit Tankou Tchita - Keeping up with Cheetah

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Kouri Vit Tankou Tchita - Keeping up with Cheetah - Haitian Creole Bilingual Book by Lindsay Camp and illustrated by Jill Newton. Ages 4 and up. Have you ever had a friend who thought that you just weren’t good enough?

Cheetah loves telling jokes and running. His best friend, Hippopotamus, laughs at all his jokes even though they aren’t very funny. But Cheetah wants a friend who can run fast too. Hippopotamus is miserable as he watches Cheetah search for a new friend among the speedier animals of the savanna.

Find out whether Cheetah learns to recognize the value of true friendship – and whether Hippopotamus can forgive him. And listen to some really bad jokes along the way!

Paperback, 32 pages.