Jump Start Spanish / English

English as a 2nd Language (ESL) Software


SKU: B00001XDVZ Knowledge Adventure

Jump Start Spanish / English - Ages 3 - 10. The award winning 'Jump Start' Series has a delightful interactive program to teach young children Spanish (or English - same CD-ROM can be used as an ESL program). New updated version for newer computers - same activities! There are 2 basic levels of play - Level 1 is for free play and to learn new vocabulary. Level 2 - the child must find specific objects and is rewarded with gold stars. Earn five gold stars, and choose a new fish or accessory for the aquarium. The activities include: Sketch Pad - Numbers one through ten, Wall Poster - Body parts, Palette - Colors, Doll House - Household items and food, Closet - Clothing, Toy Town - Buildings, vehicles, etc., Game box - Combined vocabulary, Calendar - Days and months, Television - Phrases and conversation, Boom Box - Traditional folk songs. After choosing the language to be learned, Spanish or English, choose the instruction language for directions from English, Spanish, French or German.

Jump Start Spanish/English Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Pentium 233+; Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; 12X CD-ROM; 64MB RAM; 100 MB free HDS; 16 bit color with 640x480; Sound card; Mouse.
Macintosh requires: Power Mac G3 233 Mhz+; OS 8.6/9.2.1/10.1.2; 64MB RAM; 100MB free HDS; 16X CD-ROM drive; 16 bit colors; 640x480 display.