Jacqou le Croquant DVD

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SKU: 602498457139 Pathé Renn Productions

Jacqou le Croquant DVD - 2007 French film directed by Laurent Boutonnat. A nine-year-old peasant boy in southwest France in 1815 becomes a penniless orphan and learns to convert his thirst for revenge into a fight against injustice and proves a low-born 'croquant' is not without greatness. Jacquou le Croquant tells the story of a young farmboy called Jacquou whose simple but satisfying life with his parents in the 1815 Périgord region is disrupted by the evil Count de Nansac, whose actions leave him an orphan. Vowing to take revenge, and taken under his wing by the local parish priest Bonal, he will finally channel his feelings of vengeance towards de Nansac into an uprising against the pitiful treatment of the local peasantry by the Count. Stars Gaspard Ulliel, Léo Legrand, Marie-Josée Croze, Albert Dupontel, Tchéky Karyo and Olivier Gourmet.
Unrated (but rated PG-14 in Canada), 2 1/2 hours. Optional French or English subtitles.