J'Apprends les couleurs, les formes et les grandeurs

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Audio CDs


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J'Apprends les couleurs, les formes et les grandeurs - Ages 5 and up. With this booklet, CD and CD-ROM - children will learn basic concepts of colors, shapes and sizes in French through a series of activities developed by elementary school teachers. Preschoolers will enjoy learning about color names, basic shapes and sizes with this fun-filled 44-page workbook and easy-to-sing songs. Worksheets include activities such as tracing shapes or drawing circles around objects as well as coloring, cutting and gluing. In addition, the CD contains a PC or Mac interactive portion that lets you print all the pages of the book from your computer. The music portion uses catchy melodies and fun lyrics to capture the child's attention while teaching and reviewing the colors, shapes and sizes. Developed by professional educators.