Level 0 - Isabelle capture un singe hurleur

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Isabelle capture un singe hurleur by Karen Rowan and translated by Carla Tarini.

Isabelle Huffman is a precocious 9?-year-old girl who finds herself tangled up in trouble again while visiting French Guiana with her mother. “I don’t cause problems!” Isabelle insists. “Problems find me.” Isabelle and her friend Daniel devise a plan to capture and train a howler monkey. When their antics cause a baby monkey to shock himself on an electrical wire and fall from a tree, Isabelle and Daniel are in a race against the clock to try to save his life before it’s too late.

Isabelle capture un singe hurleur is the second novel in the Fluency Fast series for true beginners. It uses a vocabulary of only 424 words to tell a 4400-word story. It is repetitive and simple and uses many cognates to make the book comprehensible to beginning adults and children.

Paperback, 66 pages.