Instant Immersion German Workbook and cd

Instant Immersion German Workbook and CD

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ISBN/MPN: 978-1591503101

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Instant Immersion German Deluxe workbook and audio cd program provides authentic dialogue and traditional settings that immerse you in the German language and lifestyle. Combining written dialogs and activitieswith full-color illustrations, Instant Immersion™, will have you mastering essential vocabulary, conversational, and cultural skills in no time.

• New Vocabulary, Dialogs & Exercises Every Chapter
• Color Illustrations
• Phonetic Pronunciations and Translations As You Go
• Verb Conjugations
• Cultural Immersions with Idioms and Expressions
• Complete Glossary & Answer Key

Paperback book, 118 pages and audio cd for greetings, alphabet, special sounds, family.



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