Instant Immersion German Audio

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Audio CDs


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Instant Immersion German Deluxe Audio Edition - German Audio Deluxe v2.0 allows you to fit learning in when you have time. Maybe that is when you are commuting, exercising, or sitting on a plane - you can learn just about anywhere with lessons for your iPod or MP3 player.
16+ hours of immersive learning!

CD 1- Alphabet, Sounds, Common Greetings, Introductions
CD 2- Telephone Numbers, Addresses, Pronouns, Spelling Names
CD 3- Questions, Corresponding Verbs, Nations and Nationalities
CD 4- Present Tense Verbs, Conversations, Time and Hours
CD 5- Pronouns and Adverbs, Learning Sentence Structure
CD 6- Restaurants, Adjectives, Pronouns, Adverbs and Word Order
CD 7- Descriptive Words, Finding and Following Directions
CD 8- Ask for Directions, Past Tense Usage and Course Review
CD 9-Travel Vocabulary, Planning a Trip, Using the Internet
CD 10- Hotels, Taking a Taxi, Checking in and Special Requests
CD 11- At the Market, Negotiating, Money
CD 12- Doctors Office, Describing Symptoms, Insurance
CD 13- Finding a Pharmacy and Filling a Prescription
CD 14- Invitations, and Evening Out, Ordering Food
CD 15- Entertainment and Leisure Activities, Telling Time
CD 16- Sporting Events, Seasons and Holidays
iPod and MP3 Audio Disc- Transfer all the lessons for on-the-go learning!