Hop Skip and Sing Spanish

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Audio CDs


SKU: 9780071474511 McGraw-Hill

Hop Skip and Sing Spanish - What better way to capture children's attention and open their minds to a new language than with catchy tunes, giggle-inducing games, and beloved fairy tales? Award-winning author Ana Lomba presents Hop, Skip, and Sing Spanish for Kids, an interactive program that will help you teach Spanish to children ages two through seven.

Based on the author's proven "Easy Immersion" methodology, this audio package offers 25 songs and games that use repetition and active participation to make language learning a snap while encouraging children to sing, play, and act silly for maximum fun with this activity-packed, 75 minute cd. Perfect for ages two - seven.

Sing along to household words and funny phrases. Learn to salta alto, alto, muy alto (jump high, high, very high) by saying it and doing it.