Het verhaal van Twee stoute muizen ( Tale of two bad mice )

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Het verhaal van Twee stoute muizen (Tale of two bad mice ) by Beatrix Potter, translated into Dutch. The story is about the exploits of two mice named Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca who break into a dollhouse, while its occupants are out for a walk. The two mice wreak havoc, especially Tom Thumb, smashing plaster plates of pretend food, upending dishes and shredding feather beds, before finally running back to their hole with a fair number of things from the house. In response the little girl who owns the dollhouse buys a policeman doll, while the nurse buys a mousetrap. In repentance for causing so much trouble, Tom Thumb pays for all his breakages, and Hunca Munca goes, each morning, into the dollhouse to clean it.

Hardback, 59 pages.