Hélico 2 livre d'élève

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Hélico 2 livre d'élève - Textbook for level 2 of the 3 level series. Helico arrives in Poitiers, France and becomes friends with Léo, a 8 year old boy. The five friends wand a friendly koala become the main characters of a great adventure. The didactic journey is gradual but rich and complete and continuously revises and consolidates previous topics. It is supplemented by craft activities, games, songs and rhymes to stimulate the senses and make learning fun and effective.

Livre de l’élève

• 9 unités didactiques et 3 unités de révision.

• Section finale avec : approfondissement des festivités, une histoire à mettre en scène, un bilan grammatical.

Paperback, 96 pages.