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Gigante dvd - 2009 award-winning film from Uruguay, directed by Adrián Biniez. In Montevideo, Jara works the graveyard shift monitoring security cameras at a supermarket. He's about 30, solitary, quiet, and big. He watches TV, likes heavy metal, and sometimes works as a bouncer at a disco. One night he notices one of the cleaning crew, Julia; he watches her via the cameras as she works, then follows her for several days as she goes to an Internet café, the beach, shopping, or the movies. He stays out of her sight and never talks to her. Then, while watching her one evening, she meets a man. What will Jara do? If you have ever liked someone and was too shy to act on it, you can relate to this film. Stars Horacio Comandule and Leonor Svarcas.

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Winner at the Berlin international film festival - Silver Bear - Jury grand prize, Best First Feature award and Alfred Bauer prize