Gaz Bar Blues DVD

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Gaz Bar Blues DVD - 2003 French Canadian film directed by Louis Bélanger. This is the story of Mr. Brochu, whose friends like to call 'the Boss'. He runs his gas station the best he can and tries to stay happy no matter what happens. This movie relates all the small tragedies surrounding the gaz bar, such as hold-ups, competiti The 'Boss', Serge Theriault, wants to keep the business going on despite a developping Parkinson disease, threatening competition from self serve stations and how to transfer his business to his three boys. The Gaz Bar is also a meeting place of all types, conflicting egos from a quarter-begging tramp to a not-so-stupid blind person, along with a petty thief who uses the gas bar sink as a toilet bowl, a desperate loser who never had a chance with a girl and some wise cracking employees... The story is based in Quebec city (though it was shot in Montreal). Stars Serge Thériault, Gilles Renaud, Sébastien Delorme and Danny Gilmore. Optional subtitles in French or English. Unrated, 115 minutes.