French Word Puzzles

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SKU: 978-0764133077 Barrons Educational

French Word Puzzles - Word puzzles to increase knowledge of French vocabulary - learn French through crosswords, cryptograms, scrambled letter puzzles and word searches in 4 levels of difficulty. Also available in Spanish and Italian. Help students of foreign languages learn vocabulary and word meanings by working out a succession of fun-to-do word puzzles. Featured in each book are crosswords, word crosses, scrambled-letter puzzles, and cryptograms. All questions and clues are printed in English, but all answers in this puzzle book must be in French. Puzzles are arranged in order of difficulty, beginning with Easy crosswords, word crosses, scrambled letters, and cryptograms, then progressing in the same order of puzzle types to Moderate Level, Tough Puzzles, and finally to Challenging Puzzles. Answers to all puzzles are presented at the back of each book. Type is set in two colors. Paperback, 122 pages.