French Tactic*Grams® Avoir

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French Tactic*Grams® Avoir - Here is an innovative tool to get students excited about conjugating French verbs! These fantastic plastic puzzles currently come in your choice of 8 different verbs. Besides Avoir, you can also order Etre, Aller, Faire and now Savoir, Vouloir, Voir and Venir.

Take out the extra piece on the bottom, mix them up, and challenge your students to match the subject pronoun with the correct verb form.

They can be played individually or in a group (rally) format. They come with suggestions for playing the 'Master Series' and 'Pro Series'.

Use them with students who have finished class work early, assign them as homework or have a 'Tactic*Gram® Rally'!!!

Buy enough sets for everyone in your class!
(Also available in Spanish, German and Latin)