French Playground Missions Book

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French Playground Missions Book by Steven Langlois (Étienne).

There is a Missions tracking sheet in the beginning of the book. Teachers can give this to students at the beginning of the week or school year. Then, as they accomplish missions, they submit them to the teacher, the book comes with an assessment tool, they quickly mark the compelted mission and cross it off (or stamp it) off their sheet and the student is on to the next mission. These can be all assigned for homework (except for the last 10 missions, they are to be done as a class) or for in-school. The activiies are done as individual (Missions 1-10), pairs or groups (11-30), or as a whole class (31-40).

Purchase the full color download edition for $39.99 (120 full-color PDF pages), the physical book (not full color) for $49.99 or the Bundle Special for $59.99 (Get the physical copy of the book PLUS the full download for one great price.)