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French Immersion DVD - 2011 Canadian comedy directed by Kevin Tierney. A contemporary comedy about five Anglo-Canadians - actually four Anglos and a New Yorker - who find themselves in a two-week total immersion French program in a remote town in Northern Quebec, St-Isidore-du-Coeur-de-Jésus. The place is perfect for total immersion, since according to the most recent census, the population is 97% Quebecois "pure laine," unilingually French, and fervently nationalist. No one is quite sure who or what the remaining 3% is. Stars Oluniké Adeliyi, Dorothée Berryman and Jean-Guy Bouchard. In French and English with French or English subtitles. 95 minutes. Rated PG-14 in Canada for vulgar language.